Hacks On How To Protect Your E-commerce Shop

For business owners, having an online store is a progressive step towards expanding your business. With an online platform to sell your items, it would be easier for your target audience to purchase your products. Cash-strapped startup retailers also find having an online shop a better alternative than renting or buying a space.

But behind the convenience and the benefits, online selling has its own risks and downsides. For one, this kind of business setup is prone to hacking and cyber-attacks. If you are worried about the online safety of your shop, here are some pointers to help you protect your e-commerce site:

  • Use sophisticated e-commerce platform


There are a lot of website platforms offering e-commerce function. One of the feature highlights of these platforms is the convenience of creating and operating their site. However, there is a shortage in security. Site experts would recommend to have your e-commerce site to be customized so you can layout your own security features. Although this setup is a little bit expensive than the ready-to-use platforms, you can be sure that the programming and coding it more solid. If you insist on using a readily-available e-commerce site, be sure to check the security features.


  • Use a secure payment gateway


An excellent payment gateway can potentially help increase your sales rate since buyers can simply purchase products in a much more convenient way. However, it can also be a target of cyber-attacks and online fraudulent activities. Be sure to subscribe to an online payment gateway in UAE that has a rigid security features like fraud screening function.


  • Keep your security layered


Adding one layer of security in your online shop is not enough, especially nowadays when hackers can easily breach security protocols. Be sure to layer your online security starting with a top-notch firewall and other security features like a captcha function and security plugins against spamming and SQL attacks.


  • Set up alerts for malicious activities


It is not every day that you can keep an eye on your online shop. To monitor and keep record of the site activities and transaction, it would be best to set up a security alarm or alerts that would keep tabs on cyber-attacks like fraudulent transaction and mismatched information.


  • Train your employees about online security


Online security is not just the responsibility of a sole person, it should a teamwork. Be sure to train your employees on protecting your online assets. Teach them about the importance of having strong passwords and keeping an eye on suspicious transactions being done on your e-commerce site.

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