5 Tips on Styling A Small and Simple Event

Event styling is tricky business. Not only you have to impress the client but also make sure that you wow the guests and attendees with your amazing styling. You have to deal with lots of limitations and is expected to produce a great design.

It is even trickier styling a small event since you have to ensure that the design would fit right into the theme and the space. If you have an upcoming event similar to this case, then these tips might be of help:

  • Make the space look intimate


Since it is a small event, the event space should look intimate and cozy. Be sure to get a styling that would embody the vibe. No too fancy or out-of-this-world. You want to make the guest relaxed and at home with the environment, so go with the designs would create such effect.


But you should also take into account the theme of the event and what the client wants. They may have a different idea on what a “small event” is, so you need to explain to them your vision in a way that they will understand.


  • Do not overdo it


Even with big event, going overboard on everything can ruin everything, especially with the design. Over-decorating the space can cause distraction and might overpower everything. So opt for a minimal to average styling and design. Stick to the theme and use the right kind of accents for the place.


You should also take into consideration the size of the space. Some people think that a small event refers to the size of the space, but it merely refers to the number of attendees. In fact, you can hold a small event in a very large space. If that is the case, then be sure to utilize every corner without over decorating it. You can opt for using just a part of that space or the whole premises. If you choose to use only a part of the premises, then you can use the other sections as a temporary storage of equipment for suppliers and event rentals in Dubai  that you contacted for your shindig. It can also be used as a prep room or section if needed.


  • Get the right furnishings


The furnishings and furniture that you will use will make or break the design. But the key here is simple: stick to the theme. The concept will give you a better idea on what kind of furniture should be used for the event. If you have the budget and the time, you can have it customized. But if you are running out of time, you might want to consider contacting several hotel furniture suppliers in Dubai to loan you some of their furniture.

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