5 Best Ways to Maintain Your Car Brakes

The brake system of a car is usually considered its most important component. It is the first line of protection against accidents on the road, and it gives users control over the speed and complete stop of their vehicle.


A faulty brake system poses great risk to you – and to other motorists. To avoid any unfavourable incidents from happening, it is best to ALWAYS make sure your brakes are working perfectly. According to car experts, here are top five ways you can regularly do to maintain your brakes:


  • Inspect the brake fluid – Check the condition of your brake fluid and make sure it is still at the most recommended level. Aside from that, you have to choose a good brand that’s widely recommended by other car owners and even your local car service centre. Whatever type of EBC brakes you’re using, be it drum- or disc-types, it’s important that the brakes are well-lubricated to ensure quick response time.
  • Replace the brake fluid – Watch out for signs that your brake fluid has already been contaminated. One visible sign is if the fluid has taken on a milky colour. This happens when water has come in contact with the fluid, or if condensation has set in. In cases like this, you need to immediately change the fluid. Polluted brake liquid may damage the master cylinder of your brake system, as well as cause the grip of your wheel cylinders to weaken. If you need to change the fluid, you also need to add a new fluid in the master cylinder.
  • Keep your Alcon brake discs in excellent condition by removing all the air in the system. You can do this by “bleeding” the brakes. You may need to get someone to help you do this properly. One of you will pump the brakes, and the other one will keep an eye on the bleeder valve. Once the brake fluid flows through, your friend will need to close the valve.

Check your brake pads and rotors for any signs of wear and tear. Worn out components may no longer work optimally, and continuing to use these might put you at risk while driving. Remove your tires to see these parts better. If the pads or discs are worn out, it would be best to replace them immediately before you experience any problem while traveling.

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