A comparison between regular cigarettes and e-cigs

The truth remains that you can find various electronic cigarettes reviews out there on the internet. But, what about regular cigarettes? You need to know that there is a stark difference between both of these cigarettes. The details about both of them and a basic comparison are given below:

A few facts about e-cigarettes

An electronic cigarette manufactured by top level cigarette companies in Dubai is a sort of smoking simulator. It contains flavored cartridges, which can contain different dosages of nicotine. Their usage is not harmful to non-smokers considering that there is no actual smoke, but vapor that simulates smoke. They appeared a couple of years ago, so the effects that these have on the smoker are pretty much still being debated. One thing is certain, you can cut down to no nicotine cartridges and by doing that you may eventually quit smoking, like many people have actually got around to doing. You will need a wall charger to charge these up, although a USB charger is available for some models too. Their utilization is rather simple as these have to be smoked just like the real cigarettes. In most cases the best way to do it is to puff hard and slow, as you want to feel the satisfaction that the flavor of your choice has to offer.
Comparing the prices of electronic cigarettes with regular ones

Something that you might not get to read about is an effective cost analysis of the product. There are many different stories out there; some will say that an – cigarette is as expensive as a regular tobacco cigarette while others would go on incessantly about how these are much cheaper.


So, what is the actual truth? I did my own research. I was an extremely heavy smoker, but I took the liberty to put an average consumer into the picture as this e cig review, is to be read by everyone, not just a particular group of people. Let’s say that the average smoker uses up one pack per day. I calculated the expenses and that is the first value. The second value was a bit tricky, but luckily I have a friend who smoked one pack per day and started using e-cigs. He told me the exact value of his starter kit, how many cartridges he is using and so on. The sure thing is that electronic cigarettes are at least twice cheaper than regular cigarettes manufactured by tobacco companies in Dubai.

In the end, this generally oriented e-cigarette review has proved that you should go for these kinds of cigarettes. It is an extremely affordable way to quit smoking, and in the end you will be free – just like many others out there! The best part is that as e-cigs are smokeless, you would be helping the environment too by taking these up!

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