Tips to help you have the best desert safari experience

If you are on a holiday trip with your family to get the best out of your annual vacations and have decided to go for vip desert safari Dubai, then you should make sure that you can enjoy to the fullest during your adventure packed tour to the desert. There is no denying the fact that going on the desert safari is one of the must do things that you should experience during your stay in Dubai. Surfing through the magnificent dunes during dunes bashing and experiencing real desert environment is surely something that you would love to do in Dubai. However, this experience can become very unpleasant for you if you are not properly prepared to go to the desert. Following are a few tips that will help in preventing you from facing any sort of inconveniences during your desert safari trip to make is as exciting and memorable as it can get.

1- Wear loose and comfortable clothes

One of the first things that you will have to make sure to enjoy your desert safari tour to the fullest is that of wearing loose and comfortable clothes. Of course, you will be in a temperature controlled top of the range 4×4 for dune bashing, still you will spend a good amount of time outside your vehicle to enjoy delicious food and explore Bedouin culture. Regardless of whether, you will go to the desert safari during summers or winters, high temperature of the desert will make you feel uncomfortable if you will wear tight and warm clothes.

2- Put on a scarf

It is also highly recommended for you to put on a scarf to go to the desert safari to prevent your head from direct sun light. You can easily find a wide variety of beautiful scarfs in Dubai that you can choose from for your trip. Even if you are going for evening desert safari, still you should put on a scarf to prevent your head from sand that will make you feel uncomfortable.

3- Apply sun block and sun glasses

If truth be told, you should always go out during your stay in Dubai after applying sun block and wearing sun glasses to prevent yourself from the sun burn that can easily target you in Dubai. You will have to be extra careful when going to the desert and use sun block to protect yourself from sun burn and tanning.

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