Why SMS Marketing Is Still A Hit

SMS marketing is one of the earliest marketing techniques implemented since the rise of digital media. Although some marketers consider this medium old and obsolete, its power to drive and spread information is still relevant.

If you are having second thought on including SMS marketing to your campaign, the advantages might change your mind.


  • Can boost your other marketing channels

A marketing campaign cannot work on a single channel. For it to be effective, a myriad of channels should be used and integrated to each other. For instance, to spread the word about a product launch, you need to use a combination of traditional (TV, radio, print) and digital (landing pages, social media, etc.). You can also include SMS marketing in your information drive. Sending text messages to targeted audience can help lead them one of the media you used.


  • Can send direct messages to target audience

The great thing about SMS marketing is that you don’t have to spend money or effort on audience that is not part of your segment. You can reach out directly to a group of people that you think matters for your campaign. And the way the message is drafted is also direct. No need to dally just to get someone’s attention. The copywriting is straightforward and concise.  And you can be sure that the messages are read instantly.


  • Can be easily tracked and monitored

Every marketing campaign is tracked and measured based on individual metrics per channel. But the thing is, some channels may take a little while to be tracked and measured. With SMS marketing, you can easily monitor its performance in a matter of days. Some companies that offer SMS marketing in UAE include tracking software to know the response and open rate of SMS messages they sent of any SMS campaign they are conducting.


  • Can help you build your database

A database is a goldmine that every marketing company wants to have. Trying to build one can be a little bit tricky and difficult. You may need to use every trick to get an information. But with the help of SMS marketing, it might help a bit. The short code included on the SMS can be used to track customers who made an interaction using these codes. Once the short code is activated, the number will be considered as an active user and possible target audience.


  • Can be sent whenever you want it

The main advantage of SMS marketing is its instant deliverability. Once the message has been drafted, you can bulk send the SMS message to the intended numbers.

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