Sell Online: Three Fun Outdoor Ideas for Multigenerational Families

Changing a family’s lifestyle is a given once a couple starts having kids, but it shouldn’t mean a lackluster life. Their children can enjoy and learn many things if they are given the chance to explore the outdoors with their parents. The elderly members of the family need not stay behind and miss all the fun. Everyone can join in the adventure.

If you have a travel agency and a website to sell destinations, facilities, and adventures, these families are your potential customers. If they find the destination and/or the outdoor activity you are selling online exciting and suitable, they could be contacting you real soon. Three ideas that would likely sell are:

  1. Camping at an accessible but fun location

Nobody is too old or too young to enjoy camping. If there’s at least a week-long break or longer, an outdoorsy type of a family can’t resist setting up camp to enjoy the outdoors. It is true that staying in a hotel can be tempting but for the outdoor types, the appeal of a multi-sensory experience cannot be underestimated.

With the right online marketing and advertising strategies, you can lure foreign families to come and visit a camping ground you are promoting. For a multi-generational family, the perfect destination has to be accessible and suitable for young and old alike.

  1.    New adventures near home for the locals

Families short on time or money need to be creative. Families who would want to inculcate a sense of adventure or love for the environment to their kids, are likely to explore their “backyard” first. Give them great reasons to choose the resort, or park you are marketing. Let them know what’s in store for them using pictures and maybe reviews by satisfied guests.

Stir the interest of the parents and grandparents who may have been there before with new adventures or ways to have fun. Offering activities that young and old can both enjoy is the key. For instance, including a meal at a local restaurant may stir fond memories and spell tradition in local families and can be a wonderful trick to cap the experience.

  1.    Active combo called “active relaxation”

Active people know very well that physical activities can relax and rejuvenate tired minds. Families that love islands and beaches would want to know the water sports that your marketed resort/s offer. If you are promoting a National Park, your target market includes the wilderness-loving families that love hiking, camping, and maybe food foraging.

At your website, highlight not only the activities that the kids and the seniors can enjoy. Include valuable information about the facilities that can make their vacation more comfortable and convenient, such as babysitting services or sport lessons. Tell them what gear they would likely use or need, and where to rent it just in case.

With the growing number of senior baby boomers, the number of multi-generational families wanting to spend active holidays together is also growing. You can tap this huge market by boosting your online visibility. After all, the big Web is this generation’s most used resource when it comes to information.

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